NEW 11 Levels Remote Dog Training Collar Anti Bark

  • Range up to 300 meters
  • 8 levels of Stimulation to correct your pet's unwanted behaviors
  • 3 levels Tone Commands to train your pets with special meaning
  • Humane design with high-tech computer programable technology(MCU chip control)
  • Waterproof receiver,water resistance transmitter.
  • English Manual Included





  • Height: 6.8 cm
  • Width: 5.0 cm
  • Depth: 2.8 cm
  • 6 Volt 4RL44 Battery
  • The receiver has an LED light on side
  • Red light serves as low battery indicator


  • Height: 15.0cm
  • Width:5.2cm
  • Depth: 2.8 cm
  • 9 Volt Battery
  • Transmits up to 450 meters under optimal conditions
  • Frequency: The remote signal runs on 433.92 MHz
  • Correction levels on Face
How to Use

*Press buttons from 1 to 8 to gradually achieve stronger static shock results.

*Press A, B and C buttons to achieve sound results as "B-", "B-B-", and "B-B-B-".

*Transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz

*Effective remote distance: 200 meters

*Low battery indication

This is an effective remote electronic product that is designed to encourage your dog’s good behavior or to warn your dog with its bad behavior via 2 different levels of static shock. Please place the receiver around your dog’s neck and activate it with the remote controller.

How to use the receiver:

Adjust the collar length according to the actual situation of your dog's neck. The receiver should fit snugly underneath your dog’s neck. Make sure that the metal electrodes are in direct contact with your dog’s skin. fter proper adjustment of the collar, please deal with the surplus collar to avoid discomfort when your dog walks. The receiver is designed to be water-resistant but cannot be immersed in water. Please take it off when bathing your dog. If the receiver is immersed in water accidently during use, please take out the battery immediately and dry the water. Please do not use the receiver until you install a new battery in at least three days’ drying in the sun. The receiver uses a 6V 4LR44 battery. When installing or replacing the battery, please refer to the polarity mark in the battery compartment for correct installation.If you install the battery properly, this product will make a “B---“sound and also the indicator will light up for two seconds. If you do NOT install the battery properly, the receiver will not work and it will even cause permanent damages to some electronic components. The different functions of the receiver will be activated when receiving relevant remote signals, which will consume a small amount of battery. Even you do not press any button on the remote control, the very tiny consumption of battery still exists.  When the low battery indicator lights up, please replace a new battery immediately.

How to use the remote control:

The remote control uses a 6F22 9V battery. Please install the battery properly before use

When the antenna is not installation out, the effective remote distance is 50 meters; when it is installation out completely, the remote distance can reach up to 200 meters.

As this product is a wireless transmitting apparatus, you cannot use the remote control in places like petrol stations or hospitals where the wireless telephone is forbidden to avoid danger.

 Patients using heart pacemakers are forbidden to use this product.


Package Contents (Per Unit)
  • NEW 11 Levels Remote Dog Training Collar Anti Bark with batteries included  (BOX SET) x 1

         (Packed with compact Box)


1 x 4in1 Remote Small/Med Dog Training Shock+Vibrate Collar
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