Android NFC tags waterproof smart tag (White)


  • Enjoy NFC SmartTags at home
    Touch your home NFC SmartTag to turn on Wi-Fi. Launch news & weather app. Or turn 
    phone sound on. Bedtime? Touch the bedroom NFC SmartTag to mute your phone. 
    Turn on its alarm. Or turn off Wi-Fi.
  • Hit the road in an instant
    Hop in your car and touch its NFC SmartTag to turn on GPS. Or Bluetooth. You can even launch Google navigator. Start up one, two, three tasks – or more.
  • Start working right away
    Busy? Want to save precious time? Touch your office NFC SmartTag when you get to work. It’ll turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – or launch your Calendar app.
  • Product Description:
    Touch to automatically handle everyday tasks
    You decide what your NFC SmartTags will do
    Easy to customise with LiveWare manager
    Automate phone tasks in your car
    Just walk in the door and touch your home NFC SmartTags to turn on Wi-Fi
  • Manufacturer's Description
    NFC tags save time and make life easier
    At home. At work. In the bedroom. In your car. Anywhere. Touch NFC SmartTags with your NFC phone to turn on Wi-Fi, start Google navigation, launch your news and weather app. It's up to you! Get NFC SmartTags. Attractive, easy-to-use NFC tags that automatically handle everyday tasks with a simple touch.
  • You are recommended to download "NFC Task Launcher" on Androd Play Market !
    NOT work on Nexus 4 and Nexus 10.
  • Nexus 4 and 10 Incompatible With NXP Mifare Classic 1K Chips.
    Also Incompatible Blackberry.
  • Windows Phone needed NDEF Preformatted
    The NFC tags can be read and overwritten with any NFC enabled smartphone.
  • Memory capacity: 1K byte EEPROM memory (716 FREE BYTES availability)
  • Perfect for long URLs, notes, information and tasks
  • Type: Mifare Classic 1K (MF1ICS50)
  • Suitable for access control, public transportation, parking, authentication, time and attendance management, ticket, card payment, product identification.
  • Numbers of Tags: 1 
  • Material: PVC, Waterproof
Package Contents (Per Unit)
  • 1 x Android NFC tags waterproof smart tag (White)


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