Wireless Door / Window Entry Detector



Install it to your alarm system to detect Door/Window Entry!


This Wireless Door / Window Entry Detector could be used for alarm system with 1.5M / 3.3M / 4.7M and 315 / 433Mhz  (Choosable below) !

  • Install part A on the edge of moveable door or window, install part B on the fixed doorframe or window frame. The two parts must be not more than 1-2 cm distance when the door or window closed.
  • When the door or window opened from the closed position, indicator “1” will shine, the entry detector will send alarm message to the main unit.
  • If indicator "2" shine, the power of entry detector is low battery, you need to change battery.
  • Wireless Signal Frequency: 315Mhz / 433Mhz (Choosable below)
  • Size: 70mm x 35mm x 15mm

  • Working distance: Over 100m (Open field) 

  • Power: 23A-12V battery (Included, useful life 6-12 months)


Package Contents (Per Unit)
  • Wireless Door Entry Detector Main Unit  (315Mhz / 433Mhz) X 1
  • Wireless Door Entry Detector Magnet Part X 1
  • 23A 12V Battery X 1
  • Sticker (For positioning the Wireless Door Entry Detector)
  • Jumpers (Used for synchronizing with your alarm unit)


Available Options:

Wireless Frequency:


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