Wireless Password Numeric Keypad for Alarm System


Newly designed and released wireless password keypad for burglar alarm is the most flexible choice to enpower your alarm panel.
Transmission range: 60 meter

This Wireless Numeric works with all alarm systems in our stock.

This Wireless keypad could be used for alarm systems with 1.5M / 3.3M / 4.7M and 315 / 433Mhz  (Choosable below) !

Simply install it beside a door. You can Away Arm, Home Arm, Disarm and set the new password. The keypad is protected by password, and you can edit the password at any time. With this advanced wireless keypad,  you never need to worry about what if forget to bring keychain remotes.

if you want to edit the setting datas, you need insert the dongle first then operate. it can protect the password successfully.

Indicate led light: let you know the Arm or Disarm is sent successfully.

Control range is 60m.


  • Wireless Signal Frequency: 315Mhz / 433Mhz (Choosable below)
  • Size: 80mm x 95mm x 20mm

  • Color: Black or White (Choosable)

  • Working distance: ~60 meters (Open field) 

  • Power: 23A-12V battery (Included, useful life 6-12 months)

Lowest battery consumption: when users operate on wireless password keyboard will start the battery to offer the power. if no any operation, it will not offer the power, which saves the batter power efficiently.

Inform the users when the battery is weak, the yellow led light will be on always after press [*]

Equip with the dongle setting to avoid the password be known by others, which protect the password security completely.

Equip with the interface to let the users connect the adaptor, if they want to use adaptor, but the adaptor need buy separately.

Simple Usage:

How to Arm: 1234#
How to Home Arm: 1234*
How to Disarm: 1234 0

(Password 1234 can be changed easily!!)


Package Contents (Per Unit)
  • Wireless Password Numeric Keypad for Alarm System (315Mhz / 433Mhz) X 1
  • 23A 12V Battery X 1
  • English User Manual X 1


Available Options:

Keypad Color:

Wireless Frequency:


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